Thursday, May 21, 2009

Inspiration Board - First Draft

I've been browsing thru several sites on the internet, wedding-related and not in order to find out what colors I want for the wedding. Most sites I've seen post Inspiration Boards...a collage of photos that define what their weddings are about. I'm really not very good with colors (I originally wanted black,white and silver for the wedding...and though classy as it may sound, its very easy to get wrong) but I have to try and eventually come up with something.

So, I'm posting my first attempt. It still looks too varied for me, there isn't one cohesive thought that pops out, I think. But its generally stuff I like in almost the same colors. I would post who took the photos and from where, but I don't really know, having selected most of them randomly. The one in the middle though is mine, taken from my first month on assignment in Cyprus back in 2005.

I'll be using this as a starting point, hopefully from this point on, things will start to be more cohesive.


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  2. Hey socs! I see some items that may jive.. like yung paggamit ng small pieces to make one big piece (i.e. the stained glass pic, the close-up of the tiles and the peace sign is also made up of small pieces of tiles)

    Good starting point.... another thing I noticed, SPL CC&B Colors sya :) hahaha the shade of orange and the shade of blue!

    - Paolo Reyes