Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Details, details, details

I just made the necessary financial commitments to another one of our suppliers for the wedding yesterday. We've finally settled on booking K by Cunanan as our caterer after joining our friends Karlo and Mabelle for their food tasting.

I've seen sample setups and read good reviews about them on the net, and after tasting their food as well as seeing their setup first hand I knew we had to get them. Plus the fact that they fall right into our budget doesn't hurt.

Now comes the details...

Socs and I have only a vague idea of what our theme is and the inspiration for our reception. We are leaning towards a Mediterranean/Greek/Cyprus inspired reception from our time together in Cyprus. I definitely loved the ambience and food there (reached my goal of 150lbs with the help of good old Greek cuisine), I hope the caterer can help out in materializing our mental images.

It all seems to be getting pretty serious now and decisions have to be made. Up until now (or in the next few weeks) I have only reserved the necessary suppliers for our date. No discussions on anything yet. After talking stuff over with the caterer, I believe I need to coordinate with the venue as well. Then don't forget about the prenup... I need to gain 5lbs here (gym buddy anyone? ehehe).

Woohooo! Groomzilla on the way!


  1. haha, topless ka ba sa pre-nup nyo at kelangan mo pa magpalaki ng katawan?

    game, gym! basta wag lang magiging ganyan kalaki katawan ko :p

  2. naku, please don't give him ideas.

    clothes are required sa pre-nup haha!