Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Supplier Review: Matus Jewellry

When Socs and I were discussing our civil wedding, one item we had to consider was the rings to use in the ceremony. While I already had made reservations to Matus Jewellry for our wedding rings we were not quite sure if we can get them in time for the wedding.

We considered using Socs' engagement ring and borrow my mom's wedding ring for me. We also considered buying cheapo rings wherever and use that. On the last Tuesday of my single life, we dropped by Matus in Megamall to look at some potential wedding stuff and ask them if they can create the mock rings (free from the wedding fair reservation) before we got hitched.

To their credit they said they could have it Thursday at around 8pm, and there you go... instant wedding bands! Kudos to Matus for such great customer service.

Hopefully the actual rings will turn out great as well.


  1. "On the last Tuesday of my single life"

    correction..."it should be On the last Tuesday of OUR single life..." I got married too you know :p

  2. napikot kasi ako e hahaha jok lang :P