Thursday, July 30, 2009

what to do?

I've attended my fair share of weddings and have even been part of the ceremony and reception at one point or another. I've also endured a few embarassing moments of desperately trying to get myself omitted out of 'single ladies' games to avoid further embarassment. When I participated in my first bouquet toss at my brother's wedding at the age of 16, I was surprised to find that unlike what hollywood movies show, the ladies weren't fighting for the bouquet...everyone wanted to avoid it.

However, I have to recognize that some may not share the same sentiments. After all, there are some great laughs and stories resulting from these games. It may still be worth playing the usual games.

Now that I'm planning my own wedding reception, I can't seem to decide on what we should do for the program. I would love to honor the traditional Bouquet and Garter toss...except that I keep thinking back to women stepping as far away from the bride when her back is turned. Other games like variations of 'Musical chairs' remind me of blue garters being tossed as if were on were fire from one guy to another.

I'd like my guests to genuinely enjoy the game and not have to be called five times and dragged to the center just to join in. If you were a guest at my wedding, what would you like to participate in? Drop me a comment or vote using the poll on the right hand side!

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