Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paddy's Day (in the US!)

Before I post any wedding updates, I'm taking a detour so I can post more of "Allan and Socs" as opposed to just "Allan and Socs' Wedding".

A few weeks ago I escaped from Dublin for a few days so I could spend time with my other half.  Being married and living in different countries may be difficult, but it certainly gives me a good excuse to take off from work and travel a little bit.

So, I flew out of Ireland and into Chicago, just in time for the day when the city celebrates St. Patrick's Day.  I may have left the country temporarily, but Ireland seems intent to not let me stray too far away.

Allan was to spend the weekend with friends and we made the decision for me to fly in just weeks before.  I had three weeks left on my visa and I could take time off from work --- so why not?

I was more than ready for a mini break and was looking forward to spending time with Allan.  The sights, people and even the Manny Pacquiao bout were all welcome extras.   There may have been a little too much more alcohol than I should have taken given the travel in such a limited amount of time, but even that went down better than expected.

Overall, it was well worth the expense and effort.

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