Friday, October 15, 2010

Post Nup Supplier Review: K by Cunanan

We chose our caterer because of two main reasons: we tagged along to our friends’ food tasting last year and we thought the food was great plus we’ve seen photos of their wedding setups and they were always classy, tasteful and elegant. Those two main reasons were enough to make us confident that things would turn out well food-wise and décor-wise for the wedding.

And we weren’t disappointed. So far, all of the feedback on the food is positive. In fact, I think it was just me that had a minor issue with the food --- the grilled lapu-lapu piece that I ended up with was not cooked enough. The upside to this is that none of the other guests seem to have had the same problem. As for the tables and the venue décor, when Allan and I first saw the centerpieces, we thought they were great. The flowers mixed with fruits and the cactus and yes, even lettuce had exactly the kind of colors and look that we wanted. Their idea of painting tin cans with copper instead of the original wooden box also was a success I think. It added to the “rustic” and homey feel as I didn’t really want the décor to be too stiff. I tend to think of high floral arrangements in glass as too formal --- so we wanted low, lush and approachable. Which is exactly what we got. If the number of people who brought home centrepieces are any indication, then I would say it was a success.

I only have two things that are not so positive (but not necessarily negative either) with K by C. First, during the planning process, my coordinator had a little communication problem with them. It took about two months from the time they met and discussed the layout and décor before I actually had the details on email (being overseas, I naturally had to rely on written descriptions and quotations). How it came about, I feel it really isn’t mine to say since all I have is second-hand information. Second, I was a little confused with some of the details for the décor. Specifically those that had to do with rental of Fiscus trees for the venue and whether or not we would have our dinner table separate from the sofa where we would have our photos taken with the guests. Our final contract, received a few days before the wedding (about a week maybe?) didn’t have the Fiscus trees and indicated that we’d have the couch first and then the table added later at the same spot after the photos were taken. Two days before the wedding I received a text saying that the trees should still be part of the décor. At that point, I didn’t want to change any of the plans anymore (primarily the Financial planning) so I asked if they were necessary. When I was told they were not, I decided to do away with them. If we didn’t need them, then why bother. They would be using the Top Shelf trees instead. I found out after the wedding that Ames had to have the Top Shelf trees switched out several times as she wasn’t happy with how things looked. Whether or not it was a major issue, I don’t know anymore. Maybe it’s also the reason why we had the couch separate from the dinner table, since they didn’t want the trees as backdrop for the photos? At this stage, I don’t think I’ll ever know. All I know is that I was very happy with the end result and I thought the venue looked intimate and cosy and wonderful --- just as I had hoped it would be.

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