Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding Suit-up! (The Barney Stinson post)

Firstly this is a wedding supplier review and not a tribute to How I Met Your Mother's Barney Stinson, but I just couldn't resist. And besides, I looked good in that suit. So good that I had two made.

Ok, down to the business of the review. I've always said I wanted to get married (and buried) in a barong. But somehow, I forget, the discussion/decision was made that a suit would be more fitting. I initially wanted to go with an "unknown" tailor and just get the cloth from Divisoria or something. Then I was recommended to Kingsmen Tailoring at the Intercontinental Hotel. I've heard their workmanship before and I've of their prices as well. We were able to pull some strings and got a small discount on their prices. It did not seem to bad at the time so we decided to go for it.

Long story short, the suits looked great. I've been finicky about the suits after being introduced to Ted Baker and actually trying on some of their lineup. Unfortunately I've never really been able to find one that fit me well. I'm glad that Kingsmen was able to provide me with the style close to Ted Baker suits and that fit perfectly.

I am a little disappointed in how communication and timing was managed as I've provided all the information with a great deal of time before the wedding and yet some of the suits were only finished 2 days before the wedding. And for wedding preparations go, that is cutting it close and brings quite the stress on the client. Other than that for the price, workmanship and quality of the suits, Kingsmen is always a supplier that is worth considering.

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