Monday, October 11, 2010

Post Nup Supplier Review: Sy-Kat Couture

Everyone knows that proper work on my dress could only commence three weeks before the wedding.  I went to Kat the day after I arrived and kept coming back everytime she would ask me to for fittings and adjustments.  I was right in choosing Kat to design and create my dress -- she knew I didn't want a dress showered with beads or with any of the frills, bells and whistles that I've seen on so many bridal magazines.  I wanted a good fit, a good cut, good worksmanship and classy details and Kat delivered all of that.  Her draping and beadwork on the dress was done by hand (and she has the marks to show for it).  The beadwork was not overdone and she added in just the right amount of sparkle.  She even created a shrug for me less than a week before the wedding in a frenzy of church-restriction panic!

I never really knew beforehand what my wedding gown would look like, but I'm pretty sure what I wore is what I would have imagined if I had an image of the dress way before the wedding. My single regret is that I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the dress on the dress form :(  there was just too much happening on the wedding day, I completely forgot.

For any bride looking for a designer and who's willing to forego the usual bridal suspects, Kat Sy comes highly recommended!  Visit her site here:

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